the world’s first NFT fertility clinic

We are a group of data scientists and deep learning experts working on a cross-chain, cross-collection solution to the NFT fertility crisis.

Solving the NFT fertility crisis

Today only a handful NFT collections has an in-collection breeding property. Also, it is not currently possible to breed a Cryptopunk together with an Axie or a Solarian. This is about to change. We are working on a solution that consists of a unique deep learning algorithm and an on-chain NFT family three that makes every breeding verifiable on the blockchain.

Deep learning

We are developing a generative adversarial network (GAN) with unique NFT breeding capabilities.

On-chain Family Tree

We are building a family tree on the Solana blockchain to make every breeding verifiable.

monetizing nft ownership

Our goal is to create new ways for NFT collectors to earn money on their collection.

For legal reasons we must inform you that every NFT breeding event will carry a ~0.5% risk for a failed NFT pregnancy resulting in a possessed inside-out. We are certain that these risks will decrease over time as our technology advances. Also, please note that it is strictly forbidden to initiate breeding between two inside-outs.